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Pieksämäki is situated about 300 hundred kilometers from Helsinki to North east. It is a small rural town with about; 12 000 inhabitants. Around Pieksämäki there are bigger cities like Kuopio and Jyväskylä in the North and Mikkeli in the South, which are all less than one hour drive from Pieksämäki. The railway, trade and services play the main roles in the economic life of Pieksämäki. Nature in Pieksämäki is beautiful. There are many lakes surrounding Pieksämäki, Lake Pieksäjärvi reaches to into the centre of the town. The southern and western shores have been left unbuilt in order to provide every one with recreation possibilities. You can take long walk along the shoreline path and admire the nature around you in any time of the year. There also an incredible array of facilities. Especially sports and cultural events inspire people to participate. Pieksämäki is alsoan active school town preparing students for many professions.

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